The Home

The Home series is a body of work that explores the fine line between public and private spaces, and the fragility of everyday patterns that exist in one’s home. TV screens divide furniture and spaces into sections. Participants walk through and around the environments resulting in a fully transformational experience.

The Chairs

The Chairs series focuses on chairs that become representative of the human body. Through a slicing of the chairs with screens the works become a commentary on our fragile and fragmented human condition. In the works, the chairs support the screens, while the screens cut the chairs into separate planes and distort their form. The screens create the visual effect of a loss of gravity and elevate the sense of displacement that is present in the works.


The Self-portrait is composed of thirty canvases that are stretched with articles of the artist’s clothing. Texture is the central element of the work, which serves to emphasize the vast complexity of our layered individuality. The installation is variable in dimension.


In this body of work, clear material is used to evoke the memory of water. Therefore, the solid resin portrays water’s form as if in ceased time frame, while playing with its gravity and depicting balance/imbalance. The composition is variable in dimensions and formation.


Apparition is a project that explores the fuse of projected images on wavering surfaces. Video of a hand gesture attempting to grasp repeatedly, is being looped onto a thread background that subtly moves. Hence, this visual overlay challenges our perception of the real and the digital.


These series of works employ everyday materials and Fresnel lenses (recovered from discarded TV sets). Objects are enclosed between the transparent planes, creating the illusion of depth and the lost of gravity.


Revealing is an object composed of a bilingual poetry book that its enclosed in a Fresnel lens. The obscured visibility of both writings, English and Macedonian, is meant to represent the barriers of communication experienced as an outsider.

Never getting there

Never getting there is a piece belonging to a body of work that explores totality and fragmentation, identity and fragility of human condition. Participants walk around and activate the space while witnessing illusion of shape, size, and dept, experience that fully envelops the senses.